Home Automation System

We provide automation solutions for homes, for both new and existing homes. The automation can be wireless or a mix of wire and wireless, depending on the requirements We will make you a home a smart home where you can control everything either through your smartphones or dedicated control panels.

We can automate all the electricals and electronics including lights, fans, water-pumps, ACs, refrigerator, curtains, blinds and home surveillance.

Convert your normal and ordinary home, building, or apartment into smart places with home automation solutions. When it comes to home automation company in Delhi NCR, quality matters a lot. Shadows Lane offers such safe and high-quality smart home automation companies in Gurgaon at reasonable pricing.

You need not worry about the daily chores. Your daily work will be done by these smart devices. There are various gadgets and appliances, you can choose from, as per your requirements. We will assist you to get the best solution about smart home automation in Delhi. Shadows Lane is a growing home automation company in Delhi NCR that maximizes your home automation system Delhi and reduces your daily efforts.